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STICKERS have to be on your cowl, not your running boards: You can go on-line to nysdmv.com and go into forms and get form # MV-82SN�fill this out and go into DMV, you can get new stickers and registration free (if you are not the registered owner-you will need a copy of their driver�s license with the signed form filled out).
Be respectful of Groomers. Stop, Pull over and go slow if passing.  Give the groomer the right of way. The operators are all volunteers who donate their time so you can have good trails. 
UPDATED: 4/01/14  For some of the best riding try during the week. Freshly groomed trails and Low traffic
Just a reminder that Snowmobile Trails are open to the public only after the end of Big Game Hunting Season (Dec 14 this year) to April 1. For Snowmobiles ONLY And For No Other Use. Without Permission Of The Land Owner And/Or The Lessee
TO GROOM It takes enough snow to make a base of hard snow on the trail to cover any bumps and rocks on the trail. 12" of snow can packs down after Grooming to maybe 2" to 6" depending on the type of snow (Wet/Dry). That's why on some trails that has ground that is smooth you can do a good grooming job without much snow and a trail that has rough/rocky ground it will take more snow to cover the trail and make it smooth. You also need it to be cold enough out to Groom or the snow just balls up. And it also takes dedicated volunteers who work on and do the driving of the Groomers that keep the trails Groomed and open for your use, And believe me they put a lot of hours into it.
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Tri-Town, Brasher Area: No Information
Black Lake Area: Conditions of Most Trails: For Trail infomation on this area http://dairylandsnowmobileclub.com/

Heuveltion, Ogdensburg Area: Conditions of Most Trails: No Information

Rensselear Falls Area: Conditions of Most Trails: No Information
Parishville, South Colton Area East of Rt 56 into Franklin County Conditions of Most Trails: This warm temps may be the end. We cant Groom if its warm. There is alot of water on the end of the brown track by Blue Mountain Rd.
South Colton, to Edwards West of Rt 56, to Route 3 and the Cranberry Lake Area: Conditions of Most trails:  Good  Grooming is being Done
Edwards Area: Conditions of Most Trails:Conditions of Most trails: 

The Cranberry Lake Area and Childwold Area & South of Route 3 Conditions of Most trails:  For more trail information try one of these sites  www.childwoldsnowpackers  or  www.cranberrylakemountaineers  You can also go to this web Page to check on any trails closures Due to Logging  in Cranberry Lake area  http://cranberrylakemountaineers.com/map.html

Trail Reports in Franklin County The Following Web Sites Have Trail Reports.  Belly's (Mountain View) on C7, Tailside just off C7 (Mountain View) Deer Valley Trails On C8 (St Regis Falls) Trail Reports in Other Areas Go To The Following Link Trail Updates

We need your co-operation to prevent snowmobile related accidents from occurring. Please be aware that you are not the only ones on the trails. There are also other snowmobilers, trail grooming equipment, skiers, people who snowshoe and dog sled teams are also enjoying the benefits of these trails. We ask that you stay to the right of the trails and that you reduce speed especially around sharp bends. We need to work together to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. As always, ride with pride?and ride responsibly.
PARKING The DEC is requesting that snowmobilers do not park on the road going into the LONG POND TRACT off of Rt 56 between South Colton and Sevey Corners. There is other parking at trail heads that feed into the same area. Some of these locations are located at:  The end of the Little John Rd and Higley Flow State Park  in South Colton, Ham's Inn on Rt 56 North of Sevey Corners, Duma's Restaurant Rt 3 East of Sevey Corners, The Old Salt Shed Parking Area on the north side of Rt 3, 1/4 mile west West of Sevey Corners (Note: There may be no parking signs but it is open to snowmobile parking) and is a good parking area, Cranberry Lake, and The Clare Town Barn on Rt 27 by Jct 67. 
Snowmobiles do not swim, be cautious of crossing lakes, ponds, rivers and reservoirs.  Areas may appear to be frozen but caution should be used especially on the Raquette River. Temperatures have fluctuated considerably and looks can be deceiving