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Welcome to Snowmobiling In St Lawrence County!

Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York State welcomes Out-of-state and Canadian snowmobilers for a free weekend of riding March 7-8. The registration fee will be waived for all snowmobiles that are properly registered and insured in another state or Canada.

St Lawrence County welcomes snowmobilers to come and experience over 700 miles of family-friendly trails. Our trails include a wide variety of riding opportunities with spectacular scenery.

Canadians can trailer their snowmobiles across at various bridge crossings and ride the river valley thru lush farm fields along the St Lawrence River.

Another option is riding your snowmobiles across the border from Dundee Quebec without crossing the river right into Ft Covington in Franklin County and follow our C7E trail into the beautiful Brasher State Forest for a day of riding thru scenic forest lands and end your day with an overnight at the Akwesasne Casino which is right on the trail system. If an overnight is not in your plans the casino will gladly check your snowmobile suit and helmets while you are there.

For those that are trailering into New York State you do not want to miss southern St Lawrence County nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks. The four Cís Cranberry, Clare, Colton and Childwold are some of the best snowmobiling in New York State. The riders will experience easy passage on our corridor trails of wide logging roads and secondary trails meandering thru scenic wooded areas. Donít miss our most sensational vista from Little Blue Mountain shown on our trail map. From here you can see the panoramic mountain view of Big Tupper and Whiteface.

For more information our website is www.slcsa.org . View our county trail map where you will find easy access to parking, food, gas and lodging thru the small hamlets along our trail system. 

Thanks to private landowner permissions for access, and snowmobile clubs who volunteer to maintain the routes, anyone can enjoy these trails.

With plenty of fresh snow our groomers are operating daily to keep our trails smooth.

Bottom Line:

Winter is large, in charge and going nowhere fast. Snow cover is in the 18-30 inch range with the deeper spots upwards of 3 feet deep. The trails are in great shape and we are having some of the best riding in years. The strong late February sun was a subtle reminder that more winter is behind us than ahead of us. But some of the best riding will occur as we head into March.

You can always work, but winter doesnít last foreverÖ Come Join Us-Share the Adventure!



Important Information: When you join the St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association or a member Snowmobile Club. You will be mailed a Voucher with your membership cards ect. This voucher is what you must mail or take to Motor Vehicle with your Snowmobile(s) Registration Renewal Form(s).  Also if you have more then one snowmobile in your household, in different household members names. And you join a Snowmobile Club as a Family membership. ALL members of that household are a club member and only have to pay $45 to register there snowmobile. YOU MUST ALL HAVE THE SAME ADDRESS AND THE SNOWMOBILE  MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THAT ADDRESS.
Located in Northern New York State the St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association was formed in 1974 and has grown to included ten Member Clubs. We are a "not for profit organization" relying on the dedication of volunteers who are willing to give countless hours to the winter sport we all love...SNOWMOBILING! 

Our 500 + miles of groomed trails will take you through various types of trails with something for every rider. We do not own land nor do we lease lands.  Most trails are open through the generosity of landowners  and or lessees. Please RESPECT landowners rights and stay on designated snowmobile trails.  Your failure to co-operate could result in the loss of these trails. 

The St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7p.m. At St. Patrick's Church on Rt 56 Colton NY.  "THERE WILL NOT BE A JUNE MEETING THIS YEA

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The words of the many...those that oppose snowmobiling or any form of motorized outdoor recreation are heard much louder than  those of us who enjoy this winter activity.  How can that be? Most snowmobilers spend hundreds  if not thousands of dollars for sleds, on repairs, for clothing and for gas, food and lodging. But To keep our trail system in St. Lawrence County and throughout New York State open. We need your support by writing or E-Mailing your elected officials that you want your State lands open to all types of motorized recreational use. Believe it or not people are trying to stop you from doing any motorized recreation in the Adirondack Park. (And they are calling and E-Mailing TO HAVE OUR TRAILS CLOSED) (See Other Links for a list of E-Mail Addresses and Web Sites)  We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all our members, volunteers, landowner, lessees and sponsors.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the preservation of snowmobiling.





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